Why SEO Matters

Importance of search engine optimisation

If you are given an invisibility clock, what would you do? All of us can make long lists with things like travelling the world for free, accessing inaccessible regions and scare friends. Although this sounds fun for a while, the truth is that every human being seeks recognition.

The same applies to a website too. If you have created a website and not worked on its optimisation for search engines, it will remain almost invisible to your target audience. This is not a website is intended to be. Any one will want his website to be visible to more and more Internet users so that they can convert into customers.

Why is Search Engine Optimisation Important?

Most Internet users use search engines like Google to look up for any information that they need. Users type some words or phrases in the search box and the search engine displays the most relevant and useful websites related to the search made. Search engines list all the results in a certain order, called the page rank of a particular web page. Websites with higher ranks are visited more because they appear first in the results. Hence, it is important that websites do whatever they can to rank well in search engine results.

Visibility and Recall Value

If you have ever watched television, you know the impact advertisements have on human mind. When we see the same commercials again and again, we tend to recall the brands even when we go to the supermarket. It is human tendency to pick a product that sounds familiar. Similarly, when an Internet user reaches any page of your website to get any kind of information, he will remember the name even if he does not make an immediate purchase. Next time when he comes across a choice, he will intuitively prefer you over your competitors.

SEO helps in improving your overall visibility in the online space. Just like you would distribute flyers or list your business in classifieds, you need to promote your website online for people to know about the services you offer. Have the enthusiasm of an eight year old, setting a lemonade stall for the first time! Some basics remain the same whether it is a small business or a huge business website. When you are in the field, the entire world must know. And SEO is one of the best ways to do this.