Terms And Conditions

Domain Name

If you are managing your domain billing, you must make sure the domain is renewed prior to the expiry date to avoid service disruption. If the website services are interrupted due to an expired domain name, we reserve the right to charge website restoration fees.


By paying for our services, you agree to our terms and conditions. Payments made to our services are non-refundable unless agreed in advance. We reserve the right to terminate the services without notice if we believe that you are exploiting our service in any manner.

Website Contents and Images

It is your responsibility to ensure that the images and text used are not copied from other websites and are free from copyright. You must make sure that the images can be used for commercial purposes and you own the contents.

BIL Technologies is not responsible for the images and contents you copy from other sources. The same applies when transferring contents and images from your previous website. We encourage you to respect the copyright policies and own the licenses of images that you use on the web projects.

Extra Charges

Additional charges are applicable for optional services which are not included as part of the website package.

There will be an administration fee for failed payments and for canceled payments without notice.

Business Email Address

For domains hosted with our premium hosting, you can avail any number of business email addresses. There will be an additional charge for each email addresses you order.


Our team is very friendly and polite. We aim to help all customers as much as possible. We will go the extra mile to sort any issues. However, we will never tolerate any abusive behaviour to our team,


Our monthly subscriptions can be cancelled by providing one month notice.

We do not offer refunds on payment paid towards custom web design integration or the monthly subscriptions. This is covered towards the design and setup of your website.

Search Engine Results Page

Even though we do our part in listing your website, we cannot be held responsible for search engine rankings. We do not guarantee any SERP for your website. The rankings depend on various factors, a new website/domain might take some time to get properly listed on search engine pages. This is beyond our control and can take around 6 – 12 weeks, sometimes earlier.