SEO Shortcuts – There is no Elevator to SEO Success

SEO can be a tricky affair, especially for someone who is new to the on-line marketing world. Online marketplace is full of experts who promise high search engine ranks in little time. How do you differentiate between right and wrong when it comes to SEO?

Black or White

There are a number of techniques that are used for search engines optimisation. Some get slow and steady results while others get fast results but include manipulating the search engine algorithms unethically. The ethical practices are usually recommended by search engine themselves and are called white-hat SEO techniques. Other techniques which search engines, especially Google forbids are called black-hat techniques. A simple rule when it comes to SEO is that white is good and black is bad.

Focus on Users

Google keeps monitoring the search engine techniques and updates its algorithm regularly. They have the mission of providing the most natural and relevant results to their users and move past all manipulations done by SEO experts. They emphasise on focussing totally on the users and creating every piece of content keeping the users in mind, rather than search engines. This requires research and hard work and hence those who seek loopholes do not bother with it.

The Forbidden Zone

Some of the restricted techniques include keyword stuffing – which means adding to many search terms into a text where they do not fit in naturally. Paid back links are also looked down upon by search engines because they depend more on your budget than the quality of content your website has to offer. There are many other well known unethical practices that are relatively older. These restrictions do make the SEO process longer but help the website in the long run.

Penalties and Exclusion

Although Google offers guidelines and not rules for SEO but it does not mean following them is optional. Using unethical shortcut methods can lead to a sixty day penalty and also result in complete exclusion from search engine results forever. The punishment usually depends on the amount of work done and the intention with which manipulations are done. They do give warnings in case of genuine misunderstanding but are very strict if you are convicted.

It is important to understand that a little bit of hard work initially can lay a strong foundation for a search engine friendly tomorrow. Investing in good quality SEO techniques can help you achieve a stable and long-lasting position in search engine results. If you do not look for shortcuts and are willing to do the necessary work then success will definitely be yours.